Susan Sneegas Of Springfield, Mo. is a Chronic Liar:

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Susan Sneegas, an Elementary School Teacher in Springfield, Mo.reviewed a website titled Plenty of Fish.

Com. This website and my profile on this website were hacked into by some individual and much of the personal information was changed without my knowledge. It took several years to notice this as I was not active on the site. Due to the content on the site and the information extracted by Google , Webcrawler, Bing and others, this erroneous information has been dispersed all over the world in an inflammatory and slanderous nature.

This information is inaccurate and expresses military terminology that has never existed ie: it refers to an HER Program that should have been called an AGR Program. Yet, it was added to and my reputation was compromised. MS. Sneegas does not have the moral character to teach our young people.

Her facts are wrong and I would suggest done in a malicious manner to demean and slander a LTC. who had served his country in the USMCR and USAR for 26 years. He was top blocked on all his OER'S ( Officer Evaluation Reports ) putting him in the top 10% of USAR Officers.

The information that was written by Susan Sneegas was reputed by a six page single spaced letter to the appropriate website. This action was taken to put accurate and military appropriate information in the hands of the above website to have it removed.

It is appalling that any person can unjustly slander a person's reputation without any proof or substantiation.

Susan Sneegas in not an honorable person but can be characterised as repulsive, vindictive and hateful.Her actions are pathetic and reprehensible.

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